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Jenga Mali (Assets Finance)·

House improvement assets

Business Assets Acquisition Loan

PURPOSE & DESCRIPTION Accessible to both individual and group clients for acquisition of house hold improvement assets as well as for business assets that will generate income.

- Business must be able to repay the loan based on cash flow.

-For clients who would want to improve their businesses or house hold

Up to 12 months for house hold assets

For business assets up to 24 months for amounts greater than Ksh 100,000

All loans are provided with a competitive and reasonable interest rate

For house hold improvement up to Ksh100, 000.

For Business Assets up to Ksh 1,000,000

Total exposure covered by 20% savings.
GRADUATION 50% for loans less than Ksh 50,000.00

50% for loans greater than Kshs:100,000.00


N/A subject to value of asset applied and ability to pay.


- 20% Cash collateral

- pledged items to the group

- tangible security for loans > Kshs:500,000.00

- group guarantee

- Assets purchased

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