Our products are readily accessible and competitively priced for our customers’ convenience. They target both group and individual customers.

Product Description

This loan finances farmers to adopt modern beekeeping methods through purchasing of modern beehives, harvesting, and processing equipment.


  • Easy access to credit to acquire modern beekeeping equipment

  • Flexible loan amounts

  • Delivery services available

  • Modern Bee – Keeping practice training available


  • High yields thus improved income streams
  • Friendly beekeeping practices especially for women
  • Beekeeping increases for food production through crop pollination
  • Access to best practice training
  • Better health and nutrition


  • Product available for both individual and group clients.

  • Have a conducive and safe apiary site

  • Prospective borrowers have other income generating activities such as livestock farming or a business that is already established.

  • Equipment to be purchased should be modern bee farming equipment

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